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Security IS the new Architecture

The most advanced phase of technology evolution has begun

Tagmata utilizes proven methodology that leverages military procedures for physical and technical security to isolate gaps which ultimately reveal risks/vulnerabilities.

The information gathered during these engagements provides C-Level leadership with vital and valuable insight as to their current weaknesses or gaps that require immediate attention.

Tagmata engagements allow their customers to become better informed about critical security decisions to reduce their brands physical and technical risks.

Tagmata essentially provides their customers with a Red Team “Physical and IT war simulation” against their customers critical assets while providing advanced training procedures to help mitigate future risks.

Infrastructure Architects

Advancing current infrastructure in to an open-source, hyper-converged
software-centric fabric

Security Analytics

Identify unusual network activity or user behavior to pinpoint attackers before they do damage.

Machine Learning

Complex, fast moving datasets make it nearly impossible to spot infrastructure problems, intruders, or business issues as they happen traditional rules or humans dashboards.

Artificial Intelligence

Advancement of machine learning in to system of basic self monitoring and maintenance capable of self creation of virtual machine instances as an organism for learning and experimentation.

Working process

Security Services For a Global Clientelee


Incident Response, Intelligence, MDR, and Penetration Testing


Intelligence Gathering, Procurement, Logistics


Consolidation, Underlay/Overlays, OpenSource Tools


Frameworks, Software Fabric, Data Storage and Query Process


Physical security, logistics, management, and readiness


Physical and technical security training and mentoring programs

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