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How We Approach Risk Management

Tagmata approaches corporate risk management in a uniquely holistic way. We provide services and solutions that are designed to address the different risk areas of a business and its operation, both inside and outside of the company.
We’ve broken down the multitude of risks every organization faces and identified four main categories of risk factors that impact a company’s value:
Hazard & Event Risk – How resilient is your firm during and after a serious incident?

Operational & Physical Risk – What factors could impact your business’ continuity?

Technology & Informational Risk – Are the proper controls in place to fully protect your bottom line?

Market & Economic Risk – How secure is your corporate strategy from outside threats?

Because we offer comprehensive solutions and unmatched expertise in each of these areas -- coupled with access to our global network of resources -- Tagmata is the industry leader in risk management.



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Your Safety Is Our First Priority

The presence of a security guard is a visual deterrent that can ward off thieves or criminals.

Given the tumultuous environment of the modern corporate world, skills in the field of Corporate Security are paramount to success in a Protective Services. Focus on the fundamental principles of Corporate Security in regards to Security Services, Workplace Violence and Disruption, Threats to Employees, Stalking of Employees, and Natural Disasters. A successful Corporate Security structure will integrate security practices into an organization’s everyday routine, and train non-security personnel to be the front line of defense. It will pinpoint organizational risks and partner with other corporate departments, such as Internal Auditing, Ethics, Legal, Human Resources, and IT Security to build functional security and protection programs.

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